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Family Owned Salt Mission Kennels Provides Professional Pet Centered Care Thoughtfully Created To Meet The Needs and Desires of Your Dog or Cat.

Debbie selfie  “Debbie Yarbrough-Owner Salt Mission Kennels”

Have you ever thought, this is everything everyone seems to be doing so why don’t I feel a sense of ease?Consider a narrative with me for a moment, when you go camping or hiking and  you get to the mountains do you expect purple, red or yellow plastic trees?  Is the grass artificial?  How would that be for you? It wouldn’t be a great experience because you want and expect a fresh and natural experience?

Well it’s the same for your dogs, they don’t know what to do with colors they can’t experience like you and I do, the unnatural plastic equipment looks funny, smells funny, and feels funny. Fake grass also feels funny and smells even more weird to your dogs, urine and nylon/plastic fibers create a less than desired affect for your dogs! The  artificial environment is meant to appeal to your senses not your dogs.

On our path to answer our own questions we have come to believe the central question is “why” we do what we do. We believe our why is what makes us unique. Salt Mission believes in taking care of the needs to our left and to our right creating the ideal platform to meet the real needs of every dog and cat and owner that comes through our gate. It’s all about the real dog and cat experience and the ultimate invitation to a meaningful relationship.

Join us if the Salt Mission Difference seems right for you.

Affordable rates that include resort level  amenities:

  • Individual cozy climate controlled cabins.
  •  Attached to outdoor individual shaded patios.
  • Spacious natural play yards.
  • Regular text photo’s from your pet during their stay!
  • Lots of toys and natural treats.
  • A natural country setting where sunshine and fresh air abound. pets can explore and play in the ways they are meant to.
  • Caring professional people providing high quality care 24/7.
  • Salt Mission Kennels is fully licensed professional pet care facility. and much more.


Cutest Photo of The Month Contest

Cutest Photo of The Month Contest

email us your cutest pet snapshot to we’ll pick the winner the 1rst day of the following month. The winner will receive one FREE boarding night! With your permission your quality photo will be posted here for a month.


Additional Services:

  • shuttle service

    Pet Shuttle Service available for a small service fee

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Salt Mission Kennels is located just 20 minutes from Edgewood NM

957 Salt Mission Trail Moriarty New Mexico

Phone:  (505) 281-3878


Watch for our banner on the front fence at Salt Mission:


Request for client references? At Salt Mission Kennels we have always allowed our clients to openly inspect our facility but we respect client privacy and cannot give out client contact information. Client comments can be found throughout our site.