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Salt Mission Kennels is a family owned professional pet care facility. Our mission to provide to provide the most knowledgeable, caring and comfortable pet care experience possible.


“Deb” Yarbrough-Owner Salt Mission Kennels

“What is your why?”  For many on the surface that might seem like an easy question or maybe a unnecessary question but for me personally and Salt Mission Kennels it turns out to be a very significant question that needed an answer. Why have I stayed professionally involved in dogs for over 40 yrs, why did I build Salt Mission, why have we a developed a specific and unique training method, why do we groom every dog like a show dog? At  four decades of involvement our “why” is simple: we wanted a kennel in the country, a small kennel to keep it personal, a facility the does not generate stress, an indoor/outdoor facility that provides the best of both worlds, play yards because dogs play and explore, care providers that are knowledgeable and caring, an owner who lives on the property. All of this adds up to we care about your pets and their care and experiences and your piece of mind.


  • Affordable inclusive rates. (**included in the rate)
  • Limited number of spaces available (no mass boarding).
  • Cozy climate controlled indoor personal cabins attached to outdoor personal shaded patios.
  • Spacious natural play yards, real surfaces, and real trees.**
  • Regular text pics of your pet during their stay!**
  • Lots of toys and natural treats.**
  • A natural country setting where sunshine and fresh air abound. pets can explore and play in the ways they are meant to.
  • Caring professional people providing high quality care 24/7.
  • Salt Mission Kennels is fully licensed professional pet care facility. and much more.

Behavior Consultation/Obedience Lessons:

  • If you have ever wondered why your pet does things a certain way we can help you find some answers.
  • If a troubling behavior needs to be addressed we can help.
  • Our behavior consultation and training methods are grounded in creating a working relationship and mutual learning experience between you and your pet that will foster a strong relationship and willingness to learn.
  • One time lessons or multiple lessons and video reviews are offered.

Expert Advice a Phone Call, Text Message or Email Away!

  • If you board your pets at Salt Mission we are there for you! If you have a pet care question or just need a non medical 2nd opinion you can give Salt Missions owner a call or a text Deb is happy to help our client’s out. Client’s ONLY may text Deb at (505) 263 4522  Potential clients are always welcome to call or text regarding questions about rates or the boarding facility

Grooming, Brush and Bath.  We can provide a brush and bath or full groom by appointment.

Simply the most complete pet care services to fit your pet care budget. to truly experienced professional care, to quality diets including willingness to feed  Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diets  a few of the reasons to choose Salt Mission Kennels.


References:  There are several references throughout the site from clients. We can also provide brief written references from clients when requested. Please understand that out of respect for the privacy of clients we cannot provide contact information such as addresses or phone numbers.


Additional Services:

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Salt Mission Kennels is located just 20 minutes from Edgewood NM

957 Salt Mission Trail Moriarty New Mexico

Phone:  (505) 281-3878 Call or Text: (505) 263-4522

We receive a high number of telemarketers so if you are a client or potential client PLEASE leave a message or text us, help us tell the telemarketers “Talk To The Hoof” we will get back to clients!