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Q. Does Salt Mission offer similar services offered by Albuquerque and Santa Fe facilities nearby?

Yes. Salt Mission offers premier pet care facilities to the east mountain and surrounding communities just east of Albuquerque. In fact, we offer a few things urban kennels can’t:

  •  One professional staff member who cares for no more than 5 to 7 pets ensuring individual attentions and affection.
  • Lots of natural light and fresh air.
  • significantly less stress.
  • Lots of play yard time, toys and treats always included!   See Services.

Q. Salt Mission offers affordable pricing, how is this possible?

  • Salt Mission is care focused. We put our resources into the pet care and boarding facilities used by your pet.
  • One thing that is missing is a dedicated check-in area. You only spend about 10 minutes in there – why pay for commercialism for the entire stay?
  • At Salt Mission Boarding commercialism is out and individually focused professional pet care is in.

Q. Will my pet get personal attention?

Absolutely! We take the individual needs of your pets personally. We average one care provider for five to seven pets, and our staff is trained to recognize, respect and respond to individual needs.

Q. Will my pet get a chance to exercise and play, and is there an extra charge?

Your pet will have access to one of our clean and secure play yards at least twice each day and since we believe that play and exercise are vital to your pet there are no addtional charges for play yard time.

Q. Are the facilities air conditioned and heated?

Yes. Additionally your pet has indoor outdoor access to his or her own shaded patio for lots of fresh air.

Q. Where will my pet stay during the day?

Your pet has his own individual indoor cabin attached to an individual shaded patio where he can choose to relax indoors or outdoors.

Q. How will you know if my pet is comfortable throughout the day?

We care for and supervise pets 24/7.

Q. How are facilities cleaned?

Patios and cabins are cleaned while pets are in the play yards. We use biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning solutions in our power washer keeping our facilities really clean for your pets welfare and comfort.

Q. How often and what are pets fed?

We feed according to your instructions and you are welcome to bring their food from home. Otherwise we feed a variety of premium diets similar to what you may be feeding at home. Primarily we feed Pro Plan, Purina One, Pedigree as these brands support the care of shelter dogs in need.

Q. What if my pet has special needs?

We are ideal for special needs because of the level of care and individual attention we provide.

Q. Are you veterinarian recommended?

Yes, we are recommended by the top five veterinary clinics in the East Mountain area and several clinics in Albuquerque. See Veterinarian Recommendations.

Q. Do you require vaccinations?

Yes. Either current vaccinations or a current titer for the diseases in question are required. We require DHLP Parvo and Rabies for Dogs, and feline upper respiratory combo, d

istemper, leukemia and rabies for cats.

Q. Do you practice flea and tick prevention?

Yes. Salt Mission uses a comprehensive flea and tick prevention program and we require that you pet be current on some form of flea and tick monthly preventative.

Q. You are a bit out of the way for Albuquerque residents, why should I make the drive?

  • Actually we are closer to Edgewood than any of the Albuquerque or Santa Fe kennels.
  • Our location allows us to provide some truly unique services in a stress free country setting.
  • The drive out is relaxing, lacking traffic and construction headaches.
  • We do offer Shuttle Service.


Q. If I am coming from Albuquerque or Santa Fe, how long is the drive and won’t it cost me more in gas?

A bit more, but when was the last time you went anywhere in town where you didn’t have to contend with traffic, traffic lights, or construction? These factors will increase your drive time to any boarding facility in town. Salt Mission is a pleasant, hassle-free drive in a country setting.  45 minutes east of Albuquerque. Our value added rates and stress free drive will more than make up for the additional gas costs.